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With DoOnlist you can run many analysis on a list.
Select the elements you want to include and press the good button.
Sorry, all displayed buttons may not be working, depending on context...

AddTagExamplesUse the 'Add tag' value to help me to know in which context you want to run DoOnList
You can add tags in the format key=value (no space around the = , and generally the upper/lowercase is important)
 * For GxDb I need to know the transcriptomic experiment you want to use : experiment=11 (or use the select for RadarGenerator)
 * If you know which organism is concerned : organism=Homo_sapiens (please with underscore '_')
 * For ImAnno use cadre=3 organ=3 for the ear, cadre=1 organ=1 for the eye
 * If you want to see stamps instead of an HtmlTable for the ImAnno pattern use stamp=yes
HelpDisplays help about each possible action.
SelectAllSelects the whole list
SelectNoneSelects nothing from the list
SelectInvertInverts the selection
DisplayListDisplays the selected elements in an other window allowing you to copy/paste
SortSorts the lines in ascending order
OnTopMoves the selected lines at the top of the list
UniqueRemoves duplicate lines
KeepSelKeeps only selected lines
SplitInWordsDoOnlist on the list of all words from the select text
TrimDoOnlist on the list of all lines where ; , : newline are removed
BlankSeparatorDoOnlist on the list of all lines where ; , : are replace by blank
JoinWithCommaDisplays all lines joined with , (comma) as one line to use with copy-paste
SaveAsSaves the selected elements on your computer
ArchiveArchives the selected elements in a file on the server. To be retrieved later.
RetrieveCalls back an archived list
AddTagAllows you to add information to specify the context in which the process will be run for example experiment=6, cadre=3,organ=3
CluspackRuns Cluspack with the values taken from each line
GeCoRedirects to the GeCo Web Site with the list of genes
GSEARuns a GSEA analysis. Columns are Bidon, ProbesetId, SignalIntensity, Bidon, AnalysisSoftware, RealExp
EvoluCodeDisplays the Phylogenic EVoluCode
IdAcGnForHsapDisplays ID Ac Gn Synonyms and OrfNames
HtmlTableOutputs the list as HtmlTable allowing selections of columns.
ShowProbesetsDisplays all about the probesets
RadarGeneratorCreates a Transcriptomics Radar plot with the selected genenames or probesets. First column must be gene or ps. Last column is experiment or select it.
inBackgroundRuns the RadarGenerator in Background ... The browser will no more freeze.
ClusterListDisplays the list of clusters corresponding to the select cluster context (pkEx pkAs pkCs = the 3 first columns)
ClusterCompositionDisplays the probeset compisition of the selected cluster. First column must be the pk_cluster
InternalRatioBatchRuns InternalRatioBatch on the selected text in background. Results will be available in DoOnList and HtmlTable
GoAnnotationDisplays the GoAnnotation of the selected genes.
GoWithGenesDisplays the GOs of the selected genes grouped GO by GO ordered from the must populated
GoOverviewGives an overview of the main GO sets
GoEnrichmentDisplays the GO Enrichment comparing the current list and the list previously archived and selected in the Retrieve field.
ImAnnoCluspackRuns Cluspack with all annotation values
ImAnnoCluspackWithPatternRuns Cluspack with the values taken from each line (and displays ImAnnoPatterns)
StringInteractomeRuns StringInteractome on the list of genenames, probesets or NM. Addtag organism=Homo_sapiens if necessary (default is Mus_musculus)
OmimGenemapDisplays the disease associated to human genes (from Genemap from Omim)
MorbidMapDisplays the disease associated to human genes (from MorbidMap from Omim)
MutDiseaseDisplays the mutations and disease associated to human genes
PhenotypeDisplays the phenotypes or functon of human genes
ShowImAnnoDisplays the ImAnno annotation values
ShowMiniatureShows ImAnno Genes Information with Miniatures
ImAnnoImagesDisplays the ImAnno images (Tip : you can add a tag show=name)
ImAnnoPatternDisplays the ImAnno annotation values with colors
ImAnnoPatternAddColumnsDisplays the ImAnno annotation values with colors and adds the column 2, 3, 4 ... as other annotation values
CorrelateColumn2with3Runs a correlation and displays the result as a diagram. Column 1 is genename. Important columns are 2 and 3
CytoTissuesCreates the input files allowing Cytoscape to create an interaction network between tissues
RculProbsDisplay the Rcul information of the probesets
ListOfKNDisplay all clusters with sizes
CoCluOfKDisplay all clusters Ki which have common probesets as Kx (Ki Kx nbKi nbKx nbKiKx %common/minimum) asking Kx at second position
ProbsOfKDisplays the probesets of the clusters (Ki Px) asking Px is at second position
ClustOfPDisplays the clusters of the probesets (Pi Kx) asking Kx is at second position
SeeProbsRemoves the leading P then does the same as ShowProbesets
SizesOfClustersDisplays all cluster sizes and their corresponding clusters
UpdateFedlordFor management only. Update People data in the Fedlord Database with an other database (first run SynchronizePeople)
FromFedlordFor management only. Update People data from the Fedlord Database to an other database (first run SynchronizePeople)
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