a triangle-free cubic graph


Hereditary Classes of Graphs

Hereditary properties of graphs provide a general perspective to study graph properties. Several important general theorems were obtained, and the approach offers an elegant way of unifying notions and proof techniques. Further, hereditary classes of graphs play a central role in graph theory. Besides their theoretical appeal, they are also particularly relevant from an algorithmic point of view.

HEREDIA is a project founded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche under reference "ANR 10 JCJC 0204 01".

Comme un vol de gerfauts hors du charnier natal,
Fatigués de porter leurs misères hautaines,
De Palos de Moguer, routiers et capitaines
Partaient, ivres d'un rêve héroïque et brutal.

José Maria de Heredia, Les Trophées (1893), in Les conquérants