1 Obtaining and installing

1.1 Obtaining

Ordalie is freely available at Clicking on a given platform (Windows 64bits, Mac OSX and Linux 64bits) downloads an installer for that platform.

1.2 Installing

run the installer, accept the license and follow the instruction. After install is finished, the installer will automatically launch Ordalie.

1.3 Requirements

Ordalie runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux 32 and 64 bits platforms. To display 3D structures Ordalie uses the OpenGL library which is usually provided by the graphic card in most computer.

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On MacOS, since the Mojave OS version, the OpenGL library is not included anymore in MacOS distribution. It could still be installed freely through le App Store.

Ordalie can be run without network connection. Nevertheless accessing internet is required in order to benefit of all functionalities such as accessing and querying sequences databanks (PDB, UniProt, NCBI), aligning sequences on-the-fly, or using web services.

moumou 2019-03-25