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Je crois que que cette page obsolète (Raymond)

 voir Installation_Ubuntu sur lbgiki


  1. Installation PDO for PHP5 on Ubuntu
    1. installation php5-dev
    2. installation postgresql-server-dev-8.1
    3. find PHP_ADD_EXTENSION_DEP inside /usr/lib/php5/build/acinclude.m4 (or wherever yours is located) and REMOVE this snippet from that function:
if test "x$is_it_shared" = "x" && test "x$3" != "xtrue"; then
  You've configured extension $1, which depends on extension $2,
  but you've either not enabled $2, or have disabled it.
    1. command: pecl install pdo_pgsql
    2. In php.ini for cli and apache2: and