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OrthoInspector databases data

The four main databases of OrthoInspector can be explored on this website and data can be exported from each protein pages. A complete dump of the SQL database can be requested by mail, but is not available for direct download as such dump represents hundreds of gigabytes.

OrthoInspector benchmark and data for tutorials

A benchmark composed of 6 proteomes can be downloaded for test purposes.

You can download raw fasta proteomes and blast data to try the OrthoInspector installation process :

Download database schema 3+ (7 Ko)

Download RAW DATA benchmark (484 Mo) (used as example in the different tutorials).

To skip intallation process

You can download a precomputed database based on these 6 proteomes. You can directly use the OrthoInpector package on this database.

SQLite file: Download (1 Go)

PostgreSQL and MySQL
You can download these database dumps. They contain a complete copy of an OrthoInspector database based on these 6 proteomes. You can directly use the OrthoInspector package to query this data after dumping these; a complete procedure to rapidly install and test OrthoInspector is available in the "How to rapidly test OrthoInspector" tutorial.

MySQL database dump : Download (185 Mo)
PostgresSQL database dump : Download (190 Mo)

OrthoInspector software

The suite is divided into 3 executable files. All instructions, sources and javadoc are available in zip files.

Since version 1.30, the graphical interface and the 2 command-lines are merged in the same zip ; they use the same libraries.

Current version:

Download database schema 3+ (7 Kb)

OrthoInspector Repository

If you are interested in OrthoInspector development, a git repository is accessible for remote access. You are welcome to contact .