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OrthoInspector is a software suite for inference of orthologous relationships between protein coding-genes and an online resource to access and query precomputed orthology databases.


On this website, we offer a catalog of predictions across the three domains of life. Precisely, predictions are available for proteins of 711 eukaryotes, 179 archaea and 3,863 bacteria (see Databases section for more information).
You can query the website using a Uniprot identifier or access, or using a BLAST similarity search with a protein sequence (see below).
Each protein page offers a fully searchable list of orthologs and inparalogs across multiple species as well as tools to investigate function and evolutionary history of the protein. You can also query the website using profiling tools.


If you are interested for predicting orthologous relationships on your own dataset, you can download the OrthoInspector software suite and follow the tutorial (see Software section).

We hope you will enjoy your stay in the orthology world!


Search by identifier

Select the domain of life you wish to query and search a protein by its Uniprot identifier or access.

Examples: MTMR1_HUMAN, Q8IWZ6

Search by sequence similarity

Search your sequence in OrthoInspector databases using BLASTP


Search by phylogenetic profile

Find all proteins from a given species present in a selection of clades and absent in other clades.

Profile search

GO term profiles

Show the distribution of all proteins from a given species associated to a GO term.

GO profile


Domain databases

OrthoInspector dataset is divided into three domain specific databases, one for each of the three domains of cellular life. Each of these databases contains all intra-domain orthologs and inparalogs relationships inferred by OrthoInspector and can be specifically queried using the drop down menu next to the search bar.

Cross-domain database

The cross-domain database contains orthology relationships between model species of the three Life domains. These model species have been selected to include well-studied organisms and to ensure a good taxonomic sampling. These inter-domain relationships are available on protein pages of model species.

Eukaryota database

711 species

144 model species

Bacteria database

3863 species

142 model species

Archaea database

179 species

31 model species

Cross-domain database

Species from the three domains

317 model species

Further information about database content is provided in the Databases section or by clicking on the database icons above.

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